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Truvada manufacturer, Gilead Sciences, accused of knowingly selling more dangerous medication to boost profits.

August 12, 2022

Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of Truvada, has been accused of knowingly selling a more dangerous medication in order to boost profits. As a result, many users have begun filing lawsuits against Gilad over bone and kidney problems resulting from the TDF-based medication.

As we have previously reported, Truvada has been linked to kidney damage and bone density loss. To make the situation even worse, Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of Truvada, was aware that the medication presented this risk but opted to continue selling it because it was more profitable than other medications that were as effective as Truvada.  

Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF) is the specific component of Truvada that can cause kidney and bone complications. It has been linked to causing renal impairment, kidney failure, bone fractures, and bone density loss. So far, nearly 20,000 patients that have TDF medications have also been diagnosed with kidney or bone diseases.  

Other similar TDF medications include:

  • Atripla
  • Complera
  • Stribild
  • Viread

Truvada, along with these other medications, uses TDF to help combat the HIV enzyme from multiplying in the body. It can be used to treat those who have been diagnosed with HIV, Hepatitis B, or those who come into intimate contact with someone who is HIV-positive as a preventative measure.  

Gilead has reported profits of nearly $11 billion annually just from their Truvada medication. However, plaintiffs in various lawsuits have alleged that Gilead was aware of the risks that TDF created and found an equally effective solution in tenofovir alafenamide fumarate (TAF). They allege that TAF was as effective without the potential risks that TDF posed on consumers.  

According to the plaintiffs, Gilead decided to continue to use their TDF medication because they owned exclusive patents on TDF medication that would allow them to make a significantly greater profit than if they chose to use TAF instead of TDF. To maximize profits, Gilead released TDF-based medications like Truvada first, and then decided to wait until the patent expired, around 2015, to begin selling the TAF-based medicines as a “new and improved” formula.

Michael Lujano, one of the plaintiffs who has filed a personal injury suit against Gilead, stated, “Gilead shelved a far safer drug, TAF, simply to increase its long term profits. I’m bringing this lawsuit to try to hold Gilead responsible for their reckless focus on profits over patient safety.”

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Since 2001, Gilead knowingly marketed a drug known to cause serious side effects to earn as much money as the company could, and then attempted to sell a better product when its patent expired in 2015. Due to their greed and lack of care for their consumers, many users of their TDF-based products have developed bone and kidney problems.

If you or someone you love have taken Truvada, or another TDF medication, and had kidney complications or issues with bone density, you may be eligible to receive substantial compensation without ever going to court. Fill out our FREE CASE REVIEW today to find out if you could be eligible. If you don't receive a recovery through a lawsuit or settlement, you don’t owe us anything.  

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